Owner, Horticulturalist and Garden Designer

Kate’s love of gardening began at an early age. Like most children, she loved spending time outside, especially in the public gardens by her home. There, Kate spent hours looking at flowers, noticing unique leaves and collecting seeds that she would later plant in her own garden.

After graduating from College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, Kate moved to New York City and found in job in the field of technology. It was during this time that she registered to take a plant identification class at Farmingdale State College, New York.  Kate loved the class so much that she decided to turn her childhood passion into a profession and ultimately earned an Associate in Applied Science degree in Ornamental Horticulture.

Since then, Kate has worked on garden projects spanning from full garden redesigns to container plantings, with a focus on gardens that have four seasons of interest. Kate shares insights about this and other gardening ideas on the blog Gardening and Gardens where she also writes about the evolution of her own garden.

In addition to her private clients, Kate has served as the Chairperson for the Garden Committee at a local elementary school since 2011. She teaches nearly 600 children at the school each year about vegetable and flower planting, composting, and garden health. Kate takes great pride in her work at the school and loves connecting the children with nature.

Still that little girl at heart wandering public gardens, Kate continues to pursue her passion for all things green and growing by designing gardens to admire and be admired throughout the year.



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